The New CanCooker®

Omaha, Nebraska – Do you think hot dogs and hamburgers are your only warm-food option
when picnicking, camping, hunting, tailgating or participating in other outdoor
activities? If so, think again. Now you can have a complete, healthy meal anytime,
anyplace, anywhere.

The revolutionary CanCooker will change the way you cook outdoors for the better.
No more high-fat grilled food. No messy cleanup – only healthy, great-tasting
food prepared in minutes with the incredible CanCooker! Simply load the CanCooker
with meat, potatoes and/or other vegetables of your choice and walk away while it
does its job. You don’t have to constantly flip or stir the food to avoid scorching.
The secret behind the CanCooker’s cooking genius is the steam. Thanks to its durable
construction, the CanCooker can be used with a variety of different heat sources,
such as a campfire, grill, stovetop, turkey burner, etc. Once placed on its preferred
heat source, the CanCooker will begin to generate a constant flow of steam. Within
a few minutes, excess steam will visibly exit through the vent hole positioned on
the lid. Once this happens, the food encased within the cooking chamber begins its
actual cooking process. The constant flow of steam within the pot deeply penetrates
the food at temperatures in excess of 160-degrees Fahrenheit. Most recipes suggest
keeping the CanCooker on its heat source for an additional 35 to 40 minutes.
Once that time has elapsed, remove the CanCooker from its heat source and let it
stand for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Weighing in at 4lbs, the lightweight Can Cooker can go anywhere you want to take
it. Plus, cleaning the CanCooker simply requires only a little soap and water.
It even comes with its own convenient storage bag.

The CanCooker comes complete with a limited 1-year, 100% replacement guarantee.
Make every outdoor get-together a great-tasting event with the CanCooker.


* Heavy-duty aluminum lid with rubber seal and steam vent hole.

* Riveted heavy-gauge handle.

* Pressure clamps.

* Sturdy one-piece aluminum construction.

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One thought on “The New CanCooker®

  • July 1, 2009 at 8:21 am

    this thing is a joke. Use a turkey pot if you want to use something


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