Realtree Presents “Monster Bulls 7”

“It’s true, the bigger they are the badder they act, and if it’s big, bad bull footage you want, then look no further than ‘Monster Bulls 7.'”
— Bill Jordan

The Monster Bulls Squad knows what’s required to take the big boys down and they do it with a gumption and style unique to the Realtree team.  Watch the Squad do what it does best during 19 action-packed hunts through Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Mexico and Canada. With bows, muzzleloaders, and rifles in tow, Team Realtree brings back the rush to hunting monster bulls.

You’ll enjoy more than two hours of catch-your-breath hunts including Bill Jordan’s too-close-for-comfort encounter with a bull. You’ll watch NASCAR’s Martin Truex, Kevin Harvick and others test their skills and wits in the wild, and you’ll get an over-the-shoulder view of Michael Waddell’s dad’s memorable hunt. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy spectacular footage featuring mountain lion, bighorn sheep and mule deer action.

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