MM PROTEIN BLOCK™ is extremely palatable and specifically designed to address the complex protein requirements of your deer. Along with being formulated to address their protein requirement, MM Protein Block™ delivers performance in the other nutritional categories of energy, vitamins, and minerals. Adequate protein is necessary for muscle mass, antler growth, reproduction and immune function. Particularly when bucks are in velvet, protein plays a major role in nourishing antler growth. Protein also helps with recovery from the rut as bucks and does regain body weight and muscle mass.

MM MINERAL BLOCK™ offers your deer complete mineral supplementation with the inclusion of the right minerals in the right amounts and in the right ratios, along with enhanced palatability components that will cause your deer to consume the mineral supplementation their bodies need. Minerals such as Zinc, Manganese, Calcium, and Phosphorus are necessary for antler growth and development. The vitamins and minerals in the MM Mineral Block™ support overall health and well-being for the entire deer herd. Overall, healthier deer grow to larger sizes and reproduce more efficiently than those under nutritional deficiencies and stress.

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